Colorbond Tanks

Benefits of Colorbond Tanks to Homeowners

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Colorbond TanksColorbond tanks are galvanized corrugated steel tanks used for water storage. The tanks come in capacities that vary from about 1000L to 25000L. They are available in many colors to make it easier for homeowners to pick the right one for their property. The square shaped tanks are designed to fit in much smaller spaces while still providing the same amount of water as their round counterparts. Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you purchase a colorbond tank for your property:

Constant water supply

Constant water supply is vital for comfortable living. Depending on the season of the year, water supply can drastically change from abundant to scarce. Colorbond tanks come in various sizes to satisfy the needs of homeowners. You are advised first to determine how much water you consume and the frequency of your piped or rain water supply. The two factors will help you determine the right tank size for you. Colorbond tanks are used in rural, domestic, and industrial areas.

Long Lasting

Corrugated steel tanks are strong and sturdy. Colorbond tanks are further galvanized to protect them from corrosive substances. Corrugated steel tanks are much stronger than ones made from a steel sheet of the same thickness. The factors above ensure that the tank can last much longer than ordinary water tanks in Victoria.


In remote rural areas, access to fire engines is limited. Colorbond tanks are designed to be compatible with firefighting systems. These features ensure that whenever a fire breaks at your home or your business, you can put it out or stop it from spreading. This saves you money and protects you from frustrations.

Water tanks provide you with constant water supply and help you to fight fire during outbreaks. The design of these tanks is such that they can last much longer than plastic tanks ensuring you get value for your money.

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