Telltale Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof

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Roof ServicesEvery homeowner needs to pay attention to certain warning signs. Water stains on the ceiling after rains, granules in the gutters and missing shingles are strong pointers that something is wrong with your roof. Taking note of these signs can spare you costly fixes and replacements. Pay close attention to what the roof is telling you.

Water spots on exterior walls

According to roof repair experts in Utah, this is a major indicator that something is wrong. Chances are, the step flashing where the roof meets a wall is loose or rusted. This being a difficult replacement, hiring a skilled professional is advisable.

Cracking shingles

This is an indication of your roof’s granules wearing out. As such, shingles become weak and brittle. Replacement is inevitable since these shingles are approaching an end of service. Good shingles last long. Any cracks may indicate poor quality, especially if the warranty is still valid. Be careful when buying replacement for the cracked shingles.

Cupping shingles

This indicates improper venting in your attic. You may need to reshingle the roof. In addition, it could be an indication of aging shingles. The corners will turn upwards making the shingles to appear wavy. Poorly ventilated attics may trigger shingles to age faster. Heat affects shingles negatively.

Missing shingles

Shingles need to stay intact to keep water away. Shingles missing on your roof is an indication that there is an animal scurrying the roof. Shingles fall off easily when the sealant fails to hold them in place. Age and severe winds may also cause shingles to come off. Check if the shingles need replacement or additional sealant to hold them in place.

Your roof can tell you when something is not right. Pay attention to the signs to spare yourself unnecessary expenses. Invest in proper maintenance of your roof to increase its longevity and service.

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