Best Steak Cuts

The Best Steak Cuts for Your Diet and Fitness Goals

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Best Steak CutsWhile fish and chicken are diet and fitness staples, once in a blue moon, it’s natural to crave some beef and savour a hefty serving of steak. And that’s not bad, beef is packed with protein and other essential nutrients that are great for your active body. However, depending on the particular steak cut you select, it can rapidly go from a nutritious fitness food to something that’s really going to ruin your diet and exercise regimen. So while on the lookout for the best steak in Brisbane to satisfy your steak craving, choose these lean and protein-packed cuts instead.

The Eye of Round

This is found close to the cow’s rear legs or its ‘round’ portion. Aside from being packed with protein, it also offers an excellent dose of iron that’s easily absorbable to provide an energy boost while working out.

The Top Sirloin

Taken from a cow’s loin portion, this steak cut provides great flavor and meat that’s sufficiently tender. It’s a great source of creatine, which is an excellent compound known to provide a punch or energy.

The Sirloin Tip Side Cut

Likewise known as ‘knuckle steak’, this lean cut is gleaned from a cow’s hip or top portion of its round. Aside from providing a healthy dose of protein, it’s likewise a good source the B vitamin niacin, which your body needs for converting food into usable energy.

The Bottom Round

Akin to the top round, this cut is from a cow’s rump portion. It offers a punch of protein required by your muscles, as well as an ample dose of selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant known to help in muscle recovery after a workout.

The Skirt Steak

This is a long steak cut from a cow’s diaphragm muscles. If you want that beefy flavour minus the calories, consider this steak cut.

So whether you’re eating at home or in a steakhouse, you have to know your steak cuts, most especially if you are monitoring the calories you take in. The Alliance Hotel recommends visiting restaurants offering gastronomical delights. Remember, while these are all sourced from a cow, they’re not made equal so choose those that won’t wreak havoc on your fitness and exercise goals.

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