Succulents and Why They’re Perfect for Gardening First-timers

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Home GardenSo, you’re suddenly interested in starting your own garden. If you’re a first-time gardening enthusiast, then low-maintenance plants can be great a great way to start. In Australia, people are finding ways to keep their garden bursting with life, even in the driest of months.

Other than first-timers, these types of gardens are good for people who are always busy during the weekdays. If you only have the weekends off, tending to your garden may be extremely difficult.

Before you get excited and start buying seeds immediately, consider the type of garden bed you’ll be planting your seeds in. There are various types to choose from, including planters and raised vegetable garden beds. Afterwards, you can start looking for soil and seeds to plant.

Here are a few plants that are easy to maintain, but will add life to your garden.


These types of plants have a reputation for being low maintenance. They require minimal care, but they do need a lot of light to survive. They don’t need to be under the sun for too long; 1 to 2 hours would suffice.

Many factors determine how much water these plants need. The container it’s in, the container’s height and size, the season, heat levels, humidity and time of year are just some of the things to consider. Succulents are capable of storing water in their leaves and stems, and they can tolerate long periods of dryness without dying.

A few examples of those you can take care of at home are Pigface, Agave and Chalk Sticks.


These plants are perennial, making them one of the best plants to have in your low-maintenance garden. Like succulents, they only require minimal time under the sun. They also thrive during hot and dry seasons, with minimal water.

These are just some of the plants you can have in your low-care starter garden. But, remember to tend to them once in a while. They’re pretty to look at, but they do need their sustenance from time to time. 

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