Avoiding Bed Bug Infestation at Home

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Bed BugBed bugs are everywhere. As a matter of fact, they are now a nationwide epidemic. A female bed bug can lay five eggs in a day, 500 eggs in its lifetime, so there is no doubt that these little bloodsuckers can cause a huge problem.

Aside from being able to reproduce at such a high rate, they are also highly difficult to get rid of once they have entered your home. And there are many ways they can enter your once pest-free home:

  • They can hide in your clothes, luggage, and even your laptop when you stay at a public place, a friend’s house, a hotel, or just about anywhere else.
  • They can hitch a ride in used furniture.
  • They can be brought in by a guest whose house has bed bugs.
  • They can come home with you after a ride on the subway.
  • They may even hitch a ride on a bird or some other animal.

There are countless ways for bed bugs to get to your home, and once they’re there, it’s going to be very hard to get rid of them.

To keep your home bed bug-free, you have to know these little creatures better. Once you understand them and their habits, you’ll have a fighting chance of getting rid of and avoiding them.

  • Don’t buy used furniture, especially if there are crevices where these bugs can hide.
  • If you do buy used furniture, don’t take the mattress or any padding. Have them replaced with new ones, or have the furniture reupholstered.
  • Don’t buy used clothes. If you do buy used clothes, toss them in the high heat dryer as soon as you get home. Do the same for brand new clothes, especially if there’s been a problem with bed bugs in your area.
  • When you know bed bug habits, you know how to look for clues that they’re present. If there are signs, call a bed bug control service immediately, Yes Pest Pros, Inc. suggests. To be extra sure, find some of the bugs and take some samples for identification.
  • Seal and caulk everything in your home that needs it. For example, the cracks under your sink may be perfect for harboring bed bugs.
  • When you come home after a hotel stay, or after visiting a foreign place, launder and heat-dry your clothing immediately.

Bed bugs may be tiny, but if you ignore them, you’ll have a big problem. Act fast. Don’t let the bugs feel too comfortable at your place.

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