What is Dental Bonding and Why Should You Consider It?

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Dental Bonding in TaurangaDo you have a mild discoloration, tiny chip or even a gap between your front teeth? Bonding is an excellent option. Most of these problems may make you feel inferior and hesitate to open your mouth when talking to people.

This can lead to low self-esteem and lack of confidence. In the past, veneers and crowns would have been recommended. However, their long wait time and high cost make them unsuitable for most patients. Dental bonding is an alternative treatment option you should consider.

What is bonding?

In Tauranga, local dentists explain that dental bonding is a process that uses tooth-colored resin to fill in gaps in your tooth or to add an area to some missing parts of your tooth. The resin is attached to your existing tooth. The procedure can be done within a day unlike getting veneers or crowns which will take time to get built.

Furthermore, the procedure is painless and quick, such that you won’t need any anaesthesia. The process starts by abrading the tooth to roughen the surface. This creates a pocket where the resin can be attached. The bonding agent is then applied to your tooth. A dental laser may be used to harden the process in less than an hour. The process is then completed by shaping and polishing the teeth.

When should you consider bonding?

You can benefit from dental bonding if you’re self-conscious about your smile due to discoloration, gaps, cracks or even chips, you can benefit from dental bonding. Additionally, you can opt for dental bonding if you would like to replace metal tooth fillings. This eliminates common problems brought about by traditional metal fillings. Your front teeth are most preferred to your back teeth as they have a lower risk of damaging the resin.

Dental bonding shouldn’t be considered an option for people with extensive damage. In such a case, a veneer or a crown would be ideal and a permanent solution. If you feel like teeth bonding is something you’d benefit from, visit dentists Tauranga today. You’ll be able to regain back your smile and self-esteem.

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