Under the Pool: The Most Astounding Pools in the World!

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Swimming PoolThere are swimming pools that are definitely better than the rest. They’ll leave you in awe and you’d want to be in them. Learn about them below.

1. Marina Bay Sands Hotel Pool (Singapore)

Located on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, this infinity rooftop pool is perfect for the adventurous at heart who also need some downtime. This downtime could happen by swimming and lounging while watching the glorious Singapore skyline. Ashton Tucker Water Treatment explains this is due to the excellent installation of the pool combined with high-quality clarifier parts to treat the water.

2. Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort (Crete, Greece)

Taking inspiration from Minoan Palaces, the Amirandes Grecotel pool has that sea-like feel and color – where the water is directly connected to the sea. Swim under the shade of palm trees, and rest in plush seating – this pool would certainly make you feel like royalty.

3. The Joule Hotel Pool (Dallas, Texas)

With a pool seeming to float above ground – it’s situated on the rooftop with clear glass walls – The Joule Hotel Pool would allow you to swim while basking under the sun.This way, you could get away from the crazy noises of the city while still being able to stay downtown.

4. Hotel Fasano Pool (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

With crystal clear waters, this roof-deck pool offers picturesque views of the nearby Ipanema Beach and Sugarloaf Mountains, giving you the chance to take in the beauty of Brazil all at once!

5. Hanging Gardens (Ubud, Indonesia)

Truly a man-made piece of paradise on earth, this two-layer infinity pool is set in the middle of the majestic Ubud jungles. A visit to this pool would allow you to swim in clear blue waters while marveling at the beauty of the trees and plants around you. Surely, it’s a good way to commune with nature.

Beaches are great, but these pools are also proof that simple things could be turned into something greater and the results could be truly interesting and majestic

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