Stop Being a Statistic: Fight Domestic Abuse

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AbuseDomestic abuse or violence involves one partner using abuse or violence to maintain control or power over the other partner in a relationship. It’s an ongoing behavioural pattern, with the main goal of controlling the abused partner through fear.

Lawyers from Middletonlawyers.com.au recommend knowing your rights under the Family Law Act. Domestic abuse comes in many different forms and usually includes the following:

  • Any kind of physical abuse
  • Threatening to hurt you, your kids, relatives, pets, friends, etc.
  • Threatening to divulge your sexual orientation to others
  • Depriving you or threatening your freedom, such as locking you inside your home so you can’t go anywhere
  • Stalking — this includes constantly following you everywhere, constantly calling, text messaging, or emailing and waiting for you
  • Damaging property to intimidate or scare you, which includes hurting pets, breaking stuff, punching walls/doors, etc.
  • Emotional abuse, which includes criticising every single thing about you or the way you do things, and shaming you in public
  • Sexual abuse, which includes forcing you to participate in sexual activities against your wishes
  • Verbal abuse, which includes shouting, yelling, swearing, name-calling, etc.
  • Financial abuse, which includes taking full control of all finances, not providing you with sufficient money, not allowing you to choose how the money is spent, and threatening not to provide money if you don’t follow your abusive partner’s wishes
  • Social abuse, which includes telling you where you can and can’t go, and not letting you contact family and friends
  • Spiritual abuse, which includes not letting you practice your personal spiritual, cultural or religious beliefs, or forcing other beliefs on you
  • Threatening to commit suicide to frighten and intimidate you into doing what your partner wants

If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, you must stop being afraid and seek help, especially if there are children involved. In Brisbane, family law lawyers who specialise in domestic abuse can help you file an application. When filing, make certain it contains necessary information for the court to approve it and guide you through the entire legal process.

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