Essential Outfits for Your First White Water Rafting Trip

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RaftingAfter a long time planning, you are finally going on that white water rafting trip in the Canon City. Of course, you already rented a professional rafting guide to work you through the ropes. They are responsible for bringing the standard safety gear, such as neoprene boots, wetsuit, helmet and waterproof container.

Meanwhile, you are still unsure what to wear as you rush through the rapids. American Adventure Expeditions suggests these items of clothing to bring along on your trip:

Swimsuit — Typically, you need to bring a swimwear, since you are going to get yourself wet in the river. However, you are not going to find a urinal or toilet booth in the middle of a tour, so best wear a two-piece so you can easily use the in “natural facilities” behind the trees or near the river. Don’t worry; peeing in the river is quite acceptable with most river rafting enthusiasts.

Cold Weather Protection — Even if the sun may be shining hot and bright one moment, sudden cold fronts or rainfall turn everything chilly and uncomfortably cold for those who only have summer clothes with them. Bring a jacket, a hat, a scarf and socks for extra warmth during cold nights, and a raincoat, too, for sudden showers.

Sporty and Hiking Outfit — White water rafting is not the only activity available in Colorado. There are great hiking and camping spots where the views are amazing. Excursions, boating trips, mountain climbing and other adventurous activities normally fill your itinerary for the duration of your stay. Prepare for some rough and tumble gear just to be sure.

In the event that you do not use all the gear you brought along, do not fret. True, you may be fussy about over packing, but being safe than sorry is still a major rule of thumb for this kind of vacation trips. Besides, remember that peace of mind is required to enjoy the stay. Just be sure you have everything at hand from the start. Have a happy trip, and enjoy your white water ride!

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