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Carpets: The Collectors of All Things Dusty and Dirty

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Carpet CleaningCarpets are great additions to your home. It makes walking inside your house comfortable while giving your interior a classier feel. It keeps you warm barefoot and reduces the noise of walking around especially when you have kids in the family.

These are great benefits but carpets are also dust collectors. As it essentially acts as another fabric layer for the floor, it will always be dirty. When it starts emitting a musty smell, it could be a sign that it is unhealthy for your family.

Here are some things to avoid, say carpet cleaners in Croydon.


No matter how many times you give them a bath, pets carry bacteria in their hair. They can transfer all the dirt they gathered outside onto your carpet through their paws and fur. You may not even realise it, but they may have hidden faecal matter in some corners until you smell them. They also shed lots of hair that can stick with the fibre of your carpet. This creates more breeding ground for bacteria.


Carpets are absorbent, but this does not mean you can allow them getting wet. Spills from beverages can attract bugs and bacteria to specific spots. As it does not quickly dry, bacteria can easily thrive in wet carpet, forming mould.

Leaks underneath the carpet or drops from the ceiling may also be a cause. You have to keep your carpet dry all the time to prevent mould build-up. Mould may release allergens to the air, which can cause health problems.

Sometimes, vacuum cleaners are not enough to suck out the dirt from your carpet. Hire carpet cleaners to that end; they have efficient machines and methods to easily clean your home and keep it safe for your children. Regular cleaning means having an allergen-free home.

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