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Fun and Creative Photoshoot Concepts for Your Newborn

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Experts say that documenting the growth and progress of our babies is OK to do—given we follow some safety guidelines to ensure that it won’t impede on our child’s budding sense of self as they grow up. So if you’re a new parent and you want to document this important milestone in your family journey, go right ahead!

But with elaborate family photoshoots rising in popularity in the past decade, it feels like every concept possible has already been done—especially for photoshoots for newborns or toddlers. But with enough resourcefulness and props, there are plenty of novel themes you can use to set your baby’s newborn photoshoot from others’. If you’re thinking of novel and creative ideas for an unforgettable photoshoot with your little bundle of joy, here are some ideas to get you started.

The Stats

Since it’s a common practice to take note of newborns’ measurements and weight as soon as they’re in the world, why not show off your baby’s stats in the photoshoot? You can whip out the measuring tape and place it beside your baby, and you can also incorporate some weights beside your baby’s weight information. You can also incorporate a wall clock indicating the time your baby was born and a calendar indicating their birthday.

The Newspaper

The newspaper may no longer be the place people get their news, but it can make for a wonderful prop for photoshoots. You can use the newspaper on the day your baby was born, spread it out so that the dates and headlines are seen, lay a soft sheet over it, and place your baby on top of the sheet.

The Precious Cargo

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You can also make it so that your newborn was delivered straight to your door by taking a box, placing a lot of pillows underneath, cotton wool or large pompoms over it, and placing your baby on top. You can also add a makeshift “owner’s manual” for added quirkiness. Just make sure none of the cushion items you add are choking hazards!

The Scrabble Babe

If you haven’t yet announced the name of your newborn, you can do so by placing scrabble tiles spelling out their name in front of them. To add some drama, you can focus on the tiles instead of your baby’s face.

The Little Adventurer

baby holding a balloon

Another cute idea you can do is take some balloons, place a sky blue sheet over your bed, use some white cloth to create some makeshift clouds, and have your baby hold the string of the balloons. It will look like your baby is floating through the sky via the balloons.

The Sunbather

You would be surprised what cute concepts you can come up with just by using different sheets and blankets. One of them is the look of your baby on a beach—you can achieve this by laying a light brown sheet over your bed and placing a light blue sheet over it to make it look like the ocean waves are touching the sand. You can have your baby wear some sunglasses and a bathing suit, and you can place tropical-style utensils beside them, like a bamboo baby utensil set and a cup with a cute straw. You can also incorporate some flip-flops and a bucket hat into the shot.

The Chalkboard Baby

Now, this idea needs a bit of artistic talent, but if you have a knack for drawing, you might be able to come up with cute ideas to take your baby’s photos up a notch. It’s simple: Just take an illustration board and do some chalk drawings on the black side to serve as your baby’s backdrop. Think of creative ways to make the drawing so that your baby is the star of the drawing. Just make sure that you’re using some water-based dustless chalk to keep your baby safe.

The Clothesline

This one is pretty straightforward: You can set up the shot so that it looks like your baby is hanging on a clothesline along with the rest of their clothes. All you need is some string, wooden clips, your baby’s other clothes, and your baby—and you’re good to go. You can also add some more details like the sun and some birds to add some more details.

Let Your Personality Out

But more than anything, you need to let your personality out as a parent. Since your newborn doesn’t know their personal aesthetic and style yet, you and your partner can run wild with cute photoshoot ideas. Just make sure to place a premium on your child’s safety and privacy no matter what. No cute photoshoot is worth risking your baby’s health and safety for.

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