Why More Parents are Willing to Spend Money on Luxury Children’s Wear

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More parents, usually millennials and those from well-off families, are spending hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars just on their kid’s clothes alone. Many people would raise their eyebrows at such a trend. They believe that there is no point in wasting money on items the kids will quickly outgrow.

According to statistics, the market for designer children’s wear will continue to grow in the coming years. More parents are taking interest in buying luxury brands for their kids’ outfits of the day. But the question is why?

Why Some People Think Designer Children’s Wear is Not Worth It

Many people have a lot to say about parents dressing their kids up in luxurious brands. Imagine seeing a toddler at the mall rocking a Gucci wardrobe complete with gorgeous shoes and accessories. While it is not their business, to begin with, one can’t help but wonder why one has to spend so much money on such high-priced clothes for kids.

For one, there are many cheap brands offering the same quality and style. One can easily buy from knockoff brands and not know the difference unless you take a good look and compare it with the original. You get to save money and still make your baby look like they are wearing expensive items.

It is also not sustainable to keep on buying expensive clothes that kids will often outgrow after only a few months. There’s also the fact that kids love to play with dirt. They don’t know or even care if you paid hundreds for their OOTDs.

When Luxury Kids Fashion Can Make Sense

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But then, many parents who can afford designer clothes for their baby argue that these types of clothes are actually great investments. Luxury brands often make sure every item sold in their store is of the highest quality, making them longer-lasting and worth every penny. This means you can pass these on to your next baby or regift them to another loved one expecting kids.

Many millennial parents loved taking pictures and sharing photos of their kids in cute and stylish clothes. They would spend time snapping away photos of their babies and toddlers in luxurious streetwear, expensive liberty swimwear for kids, and even cute and comfy sleepwear that costs than your regular PJs. This, in turn, usually garner lots of views, shares, and likes, boosting parent’s confidence and making them feel their effort and investment are worth it.

Designer clothes also have a nicer fit and look more expensive when worn. This is one way some parents show their love for their kids. They want their children to look their best, even if it meant buying their own clothes from cheaper stores.

More modern parents are having fewer kids. Many millennials plan on putting off having children due to many reasons. Once they do, they would want to give the best, even if it meant buying luxury items for their little ones.

Another reason why many parents won’t hesitate to buy kid’s clothes from expensive brands is due to ethical issues. Most designer brands often take time sourcing and creating their clothes locally, eco-friendly, and ethical way. Compared to fast fashion, such practices of luxury brands can actually make their business moral, socially responsible, and harmless.

It is not only the parents who would spend money on more expensive clothes for kids. Even close family members, family friends, and godmothers, and godfathers would often indulge in a bit of luxury shopping for the little ones on special occasions. This is one way of showing much they love the children that price tags don’t often matter.

We also live in a time where we snap photos of kids even without a special occasion to celebrate. Documenting a kid’s life has become a norm for most parents. During the more important occasions, that is usually the time parents splurge on their kid’s wardrobe.

The good news is, one can now buy designer outfits for kids even on a low budget. You may not be able to afford a toddler’s dress worth more than a thousand dollars each. But there are many designer brands that offer luxury children’s wear worth a few hundred dollars.

In a nutshell, it all boils down to what parents want, what they can afford, and what their kids need. It is often worth spending more on clothes that look good, feels great, and can last for a long time. It all boils down to what parents believe will benefit them and their kids. If you are happy buying your kids’ clothes from luxury brands, then go ahead and do so. If not and your budget can’t afford them, you can also go for cheaper brands you can comfortably afford.

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