Observe These Safety Measures on Elevated Platforms

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Construction worker with safety gearElevated work platforms or aerial platforms allow you to access hard-to-reach and out-of-the way places in the work area. As with every piece of mechanical equipment, platforms require you to observe proper safety measures to ensure fast, efficient, and trouble-free operations.

If you are working with a platform for hire company in Staffordshire, they should be able to help you enforce the following safety rules when using their equipment.

1. Get trained.

Read and understand the manufacturer’s manual before going onboard. You need to become familiar with all the controls and devices on the platform.

2. Inspect the equipment.

Test the equipment before going full steam ahead. If there are certain functions that are not working, make sure they are thoroughly addressed before proceeding.

3. Check for hazards.

Look for hazards in the terrain, such as holes, bumps, ditches, un-tamped earth fills, and overhead obstructions such as hanging power lines. Create a plan for going around them during operation.

4. Use the proper safety gear.

Wear the appropriate safety gear before operating the machine. This includes a full-body harness and lanyard or a retraining lifeline that prevents you from being ejected from the platform.

5. Only elevate the platform on level ground.

Never elevate the platform on an incline. The equipment will sound the alarm if it detects it is on sloping ground. If the alarm sounds, lower the platform immediately and move the platform to level ground.

6. Stay a safe distance away from power lines.

Never go within 4 metres of power lines, unless you havea  formal written consent from the power company to work within this distance. For maximum safety, always treat all power lines, wires, and cables as live.  

Workplace safety when using elevated platforms is a crucial element of conducting good business. By ensuring your employees are safe, you speed up operations, boost worker morale, and improve productivity, all of which benefit your bottom line in the long run.

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