Know Your Magnetic Drill: The Types and Categories to Familiarise With

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power toolsIn the fabrication and construction business, you use a magnetic drill for when you need to drill holes onto steel structures. An experienced fabricator or construction contractor will already be familiar with its different functions and safety features. As a new fabricator or contractor, however, you still have a lot to learn about the tool.

Here is a short guide on the types of magnetic drills to help you get started.

Drill Types Based on the Power Source

Construction equipment providers like offer many types of magnetic drills: electric, pneumatic and hydraulic, to name a few.

First, the electric magnetic drill is a commonly used tool in construction sites. It is light and compact and it comes in various sizes. Second, the pneumatic drill is best for wet or hazardous environments. Finally, the hydraulic drill works best during underwater drilling work.

Categories Based on the Features

In more specific detail, you can categorise magnetic drills based on their features.

The manual-feed, portable magnetic drill with annular cutters is a standard tool; it can take the brunt of many drilling tasks. You can control the movement of the cutter, arbour and motor by using a three-handle feed with a slide and gib system.

The variable-speed, quill-feed drill, however, can fit in confined spaces that standard drills may not be able to reach. The quill-feed feature helps create smooth feeds quickly throughout the cut. The variable-speed feature, on the other hand, works great with carbide cutters and increases the life of the tool.

For even more confined spaces of less than 8 inches in height, you can use a 90-degree, low-profile drill. It is a lightweight and compact tool with single feed handles. Furthermore, it packs a wide range of cutter sizes. So, you can operate it in spaces that other types of drills might not be able to.

Other feature-based categories include power-feed drills, swivel-based drills, and permanent-magnet drills. Expand your knowledge on fabrication and construction by researching the tools you use.

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