Maximising Storage and Investment: Smart Uses for High-Density Cabinets

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shelves in a storage facility
High-density cabinets do wonders in the parts and service industry, which is a growing trade in Australia. They require less space and make inventory easier, after all. Furthermore, they reduce time, labour and resource costs during transactions, increasing business profitability.

There are more ways you can optimise the use of your high-density cabinets. From storing parts according to their size to cleverly positioning your fastest-selling products, here are some smart ways to maximise your storage space and your investment.

Prioritising the Fastest-Selling Items

Store the products that sell the most near your counter. Doing so will reduce employee travel time and the need for additional manpower during retrieval. If you’re not sure which items sell the fastest, refer to your business management system in the past year. You’ll be able to track your best-sellers on it. Additionally, consider duplicating your fastest-selling items if you have more than one walk-up position.

Storing by Item Type

It’s visually easier to locate items if you store them with similar items. So, organise your products according to manufacturers of similar parts. By keeping them in one area, you can make cross referencing faster. Going with such a method will make it easier to cater to a customer if they come in for an inquiry.

Using an Alphanumeric System

If you have a sizable inventory, arrange it alphanumerically to make it easier to locate each item. Aside from the cabinet’s position, moreover, you can further categorise items by drawers, rows and positions. For example, H7 headlight bulbs would be in Cabinet C, Drawer 2, position 2. An alphanumeric system makes inventory faster.

Organising by Size

Don’t waste even the smallest of spaces in your high-density cabinets. So keep items the size of a five-inch cube or smaller in your storage space and store your bulkier items on shelves.

High-density cabinets are ideal for the parts and service industry. They provide smart storage solutions that help businesses lessen their labour time and, as a result, increase profits. You can further optimise them with clever organising strategies.

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