Three Lifestyle Habits to Quit for better Oral Health

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Dentist checking a woman's mouthYour smile is one of the most important features of your face: you use it to convey emotions, such as sadness or joy, for instance. It is important, then, that you maintain the beauty of your smile since it plays a huge role in allowing you to express your emotions properly. The simplest of habits can, however, affect your pearly whites and the quality of your smile.

The smallest lifestyle habits can cause significant damage down the road if we don’t pay careful attention to the things we consume. Smile Spa, a dental practice that offers general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, believes a good way to retain the beauty of your smile is to quit some lifestyle habits that could be harming the natural beauty of your pearly whites. 

Smoking and Vaping

Long-term smoking can lead to a host of dental problems: bad breath, heavily stained teeth and, at worst, oral cancer. While some smokers may turn to e-cigarettes as an alternative to the standard cigarette, vaping could be just as bad due to the different smoke flavours that could damage gum tissue and mouth cells. For a healthier smile, avoid picking up the habit of any nicotine-laced delivery system.

Drinking Coffee and Wine

While a caffeinated drink can give you an extra boost, the burst of energy offered by coffee or tea can stain your teeth and affect the beauty of your smile. Sometimes, the dark liquids can seep into tiny cracks and pits in tooth enamel and stay stuck there as well, leading to a dark and dingy smile.

Snacking through the Day

Let’s face it — everybody enjoys a snack now and then. Snacking throughout the day lowers the PH level in the mouth, however, and this makes a person’s mouth a place where bacteria can thrive. Sipping soda throughout the day, for instance, allows sugar-loving bacteria to break down tooth enamel. Instead of snacking all day, engage in full, heavy meals to avoid making your mouth a haven for bacteria.

Maintain the beauty of your smile by quitting these three lifestyle habits today — your teeth will thank you for it. A healthier smile, after all, is part of the package that leads to a higher quality of life. 

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