Make Store Setup Easier by Hiring Shopfitters

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In the world of retail, shopfitting is the process that involves filling an outlet with furniture and displays in an effort to make it attractive to customers. New stores, as well as those undergoing renovations, hire professional shopfitters to set up the space and get it running as soon as possible.

shopfittersBusinesses of all kinds can benefit from hiring shopfitters. Perth is home to many such companies that can set up anything from restaurants and bars to corporate headquarters. Expert shopfitters provide quick services and offer solutions that are detailed and well-planned. Hiring the professionals to work on your store as opposed to working with multiple contractors and doing things yourself is a time- and cost-effective option.

Things to Consider When Hiring Shopfitters

Know What You Want: It is important to at least have an idea of what you want before consulting with experts. Once you have a plan, consult with an expert to see if it is feasible.
Stick to Your Budget: Make estimates of the total cost – shopfitter costs, furniture, and other materials. Set aside a certain percentage of your budget as a contingency fund to meet overhead or unforeseen costs. Always remember that you cannot compromise on quality if you are looking for long-term fittings
Project a Time Frame: Talk to the fitter about how much time is required to complete the project. Track the daily progress, so you can estimate whether the fitting will require more time. Allow the shopfitter enough time to get everything in place. Hurried work could lead to a job done haphazardly.
Anticipate Customer Expectations: Conduct a small survey among regulars (if undergoing a renovation) and other shoppers before devising a plan for the fitting. Also, take a look at what your competitors have done with their stores, and gauge the effectiveness of their fittings.

If you are renovating your store or opening a new one in Perth, consider hiring professionals to help with initial set up. You can easily find shopfitters in Perth who offer specialised services to meet various requirements.

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