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Fire Safety in Schools: The Essentials

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emergency stairsOne spark can pose a serious safety threat, especially in crowded places like schools. With hundreds of children coming in every day, one fire accident can cause severe cases of injuries or worse, deaths. It still pays for administrators to be ready for the possibility of a blaze, even though the chance seems pretty slim.

When you’re managing a school, you have to pay attention to these three important aspects:

Architectural Design

First of all, the school building’s design should comply with the local building regulations. Structures, especially multi-storey ones, should have clear, open fire exits as well as accessible external emergency stairs. Put simply, compliance with legal standards is a must to ensure that the whole building is safe from the threat of a fire.

Fire Prevention Equipment

The right set of fire prevention equipment defines how much damage a fire would wreak in your property. Setting up smoke alarms goes a long way in promoting fire safety, but you have to complement this with other pieces of equipment as well. The halls and rooms should all have an adequate amount of sprinklers. The same areas also need fire extinguishers for the easier control of any small fire.

Training and Know-how

The architectural and equipment-related elements of a building are easy to deal with, but the people within the premises is another thing. It is important for everyone who goes to the school to know what to do in case the fire alarm goes off. For this reason, the government has established different training and awareness programs for teachers, parents, and students should a fire break out. When the people inside your building know what to do, the prevention equipment would be put to good use and the accident will not worsen.

Only when you pay attention to these three things can you ensure the readiness of a school in case of fire. Focusing on these elements is more than necessary to keep everyone safe when the unthinkable and the unexpected happens.

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