LASIK Surgery in Singapore

Getting LASIK in Singapore

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LASIK Surgery in SingaporeSingapore is known worldwide for their expertise in eye surgeries especially in LASIK or Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. Such procedure can treat farsightedness, nearsightedness, and many other eye-related problems. More and more cured patients are claiming that hospitals in Singapore offer good packages for visual problems. Here are the reasons people get LASIK in Singapore.

1. Reasonable and affordable rates

The inexpensive rate for one-eye Lasik surgery in Singapore is around $1,500 and $3,000 for both eyes. Some clinics offer free Pre-LASIK assessment fee. However, the prices depend on the seniority of the doctor who will operate, eye condition, medications, and the type of excimer laser to be used.

2. Trusted and experienced doctors

Majority of the eye surgeons in Singapore have outstanding experience than the doctors from other countries. Numerous Singaporean doctors specialise in visual problems since the demand for eye surgeries in their country is high. So it’s no surprise that he trust ratings that discharged patients give to their doctors is commendable.

3. Numerous clinics

There are more than seventy hospitals and clinics that perform LASIK surgeries in Singapore. They have advanced and state of the art technology for general eye screenings. The most cutting-edge technology on eye surgery today is the implantable contact lens. Clinics that offer this service can perform surgeries that are well beyond the old methods of eye surgery.

LASIK procedure is a fast painless surgery that only takes around ten minutes. After half an hour or more, the patient can actually go home. However, the anesthesia can wear off around two hours so the patients are advised to use eye drops. The post-operation can make the eyes feel itchy and uncomfortable. Regardless of the quick duration of the surgery, LASIK operation is very delicate. Only expert surgeons in renowned eye centers should be trusted and this is what Singapore is known to have a lot of.

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