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3 Surprise Things About Mortgage Lenders You Never Realized

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Mortgage in Salt Lake CityApplying for a home loan requires you to learn and analyze a lot of things, but none is more than important than understanding how a lender thinks. Like everything in mortgages, lenders are different in every way. While it’s possible that one borrower may only a get a nod of one in two lending institutions, due to varying policies and requirements, it pays to realize the general truths about mortgage lenders to apply as a more informed borrower.

They Actually Want You to Shop Around

Believe it or not, many lenders would want you to expose yourself to as many financial products as possible. In the mind of a reasonable lender, shopping around is more than the search for the best mortgage rate in Salt Lake City, Manhattan, or Houston. Altius Mortgage Group and other lending companies noted that it induces homebuyer education. Along with counseling, homebuyer education can highly reduce default risk, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

They Might Hesitate to Foreclose an Underwater Home

Being underwater on your mortgage is certainly the worst possible scenario you could be in. If it’s any consolation, you may get some more financial relief from your lender than someone who defaults and owns a property with some equity. The logic behind this is because foreclosing your house would be a greater loss to the lender. On the contrary, selling a property with little equity essentially reduces the losses the financial institution absorbs.

They Would Want to Reduce Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Low down payment mortgages are back, setting an easier route to home ownership for many borrowers. In addition, other products could slash your supposedly 20% down payment in half — or even get rid of it altogether. Piggyback and no-cost home loans are thoughtfully designed to help you gain a foothold in the market without spending that much cash to begin with.

Knowing a great deal about mortgage lenders is imperative if you want to snag and lock in a favorable deal. Without making sense of how lenders think and act, there’s no way to identify the possible pitfalls and rewards a particular mortgage entails.

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