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Future-Proof: The Top Trends in SEO

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new seo trendsDigital marketing is a dynamic field. The top three search engines, notably Google, continually update its search engine to be smarter and sharper, filtering out thin content and rewarding the good ones.

There are patterns in this evolution with keen observers seeing these trends on how the SEO landscape changes in the coming months or years. These are some of the trends that will matter or until the next Google update:

1. Content still rules

Talk of Google’s search algorithms and other SEO jargon still boils down to quality of content. New Google updates lean towards the direction of content with depth and detail. As the behavior of search engines evolve, analysts in foresee longer and denser content to be more important in the long run.

2. Social media marketing

Social media is becoming a juggernaut in the digital marketing scene, with Facebook alone driving 21% of Internet traffic in 2013. With the growing pervasiveness of social media, content marketers are realizing its untapped potential to disseminate content quickly.

3. Demand for SEO is increasing

Traditional marketing does not cut it any longer in today’s online landscape. In fact, an American study shows that 94% of business-to-business enterprises will be increasing their content marketing budgets for the coming years, with online marketing becoming a more cost-effective solution in driving customer interest.

4. Mobile optimization is now a necessity

With one in every four people owning a smartphone, optimisation for mobiles is now an essential part of online marketing. Content is now gaining traction on ease of reading on smaller screens than traditional PCs, and the websites that feature this content must optimise similarly.

As they say, the only constant is change. However, we are moving to an age where content is constant, and smart copy is pulling away from the rest of the pack. Investment, then, in future-proof practices in digital marketing is required to stay ahead of the competition.

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