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The Wonders of Flying on a Yoga Hammock

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Exercise can be more fun if you have something to work with. Lifting dumbbells and weights can get dull and boring over time. You’ll need a new prop to make your workouts more interesting, like aerial yoga with different kinds of hammock. This aerial variant of the traditional exercise uses a kind of swing that allows you to perform all sorts of postures.

flying yogaThe Features of an Aerial Hammock

1. Hammocks are custom – made to allow users to perform different aerial forms of yogic exercises easily. The design is simple and the cloth is silky smooth, which gives you the ability to perform a number of flying postures.

2. AntiGravity Fitness explains that postures performed on a hammock are beneficial to the human body, as it calms the nervous system. The fabric is wide, so you can also turn it into a cocoon for an aerial shavasana. The hammock can also turn into an ideal seat for midair meditation.

3. The hammock material is washable and is available in vibrant colors to keep your mood up as you suspend in the air. It’s usually about 11 yards long and 110 inches wide. It has two handles or stirrups, foot loops, hand loops, and a Total Resistance eXercise (TRX).

4. Hammocks make it easy for users to turn it into a cocoon, while performing aerial exercises and the like. These usually come with steel carabineers, quick links, and ropes for adjustments. Users won’t have a problem bringing it at home or to training schools because it can be hung anywhere.

5. Hammocks allow you to create fun movements and deep stretches, as the handles and stirrups offer the necessary support to your body. The leg and hand loop also helps you stand with proper support to exercise the upper body parts comfortably.

Hammocks are beneficial, whether you prefer to use them at home or at a training school. Make sure to buy the right material, so you can hang in midair without worries.

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