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Tips on Planning a Small, Intimate Wedding

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small weddingIntimate weddings are becoming increasingly popular because it saves a lot of money and offers more opportunities to mingle with guests. Although it is less stressful than big weddings, it still requires careful planning. If you’re thinking about holding an intimate ceremony, here are a few key points you must prioritise.


An intimate wedding does not necessarily mean less expenses. You may have fewer guests to feed, but you’re splurging on the wedding dress. It’s important to plan a budget before anything else. Talk to your partner about how much you must allot on your big day. Ask friends and family about fees on flowers, dresses, venues, etc. so you will have a realistic projection of expenses.


Have at least an estimate on the number of guests. A small chapel may be too large for a crowd of fifty and you might feel a little overwhelmed. Estimate how many guests you want to accommodate and keep that in mind when choosing a location.

Just because you chose to have an intimate wedding doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional venues. In fact, event specialists at Full Moon Hotel, one of the most popular venues for intimate weddings in Brisbane, say that with the little crowd you have, you can have a perfect destination wedding. Sometimes when there are too many guests, it’s hard to make everyone come to a vacation spot, with the logistics and money in mind.


Some traditional reception activities might not work with a small number of guests. Reconsider the activities you’ll do to ensure that you can make the most of your time with close friends and family. Wedding organisers recommend holding the reception in hotel function rooms for intimate weddings. These venues are perfect for the size of the crowd and the food will be specially prepared to suit the taste and dietary requirements of guests.

Preparation is a crucial step to make your wedding day a special and memorable moment in your life, so plan diligently.

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