Efficient HVACs Mean More Energy Savings

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The need for centrifugal pumps in Australia

Commercial buildings and facilities consume loads of energy to keep running. The bulk of their consumption is, more often than not, due to the use of HVAC systems. Now, you may be in charge of a commercial building or facility yourself. Do you know that about 40 percent of your building’s energy consumption is due to HVAC alone?

How to Gain Control

Regarding time of use, you can simply keep the plant turned off or turn off the plant when you have no use for it. You can slow down fans and pumps to match lower loads. You can prevent simultaneous use of both the heating and cooling, as well as other contradictory usages. Finally, you can install controls that will endure through several mechanical failures.

Most Vital Method

All of the previous methods can help you gain better control over your HVAC system. They can also improve the energy effectiveness of the system. Perhaps the most important of them all, however, is the effective control of centrifugal pumps. Australia is not short of HVAC equipment manufacturers, so keep on the look out for those who can supply what you need.

VSDs and Pumps

These centrifugal pumps are integral to an HVAC system, although they are quite difficult to control. You can control the pumps better through the installation and use of variable speed drives. For these VSDs to be effective, however, you can make sure that the pumps are correctly sized according to realistic loads.

Need for System Efficiency

As you can see, HVAC is a vital part of a commercial building or facility’s operation. Any inefficiencies in the system can result in massive costs and issues among people inside the building. Of course, you want your HVAC system to work efficiently, lowering your energy bill and keeping people comfortable.

Take Control of the System

To make sure that your HVAC system is at peak efficiency, you need to take full control of the system. Usually, the causes of excessive energy consumption by an HVAC system can be traced back to the time of use, turndown, conflicting use, and control robustness. Thankfully, you can counteract these issues with simple methods.

With these methods, you can see significant energy savings and problem reductions in your HVAC system.

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