Basic Truck Maintenance for The Giants of the Road

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Truck MaintenanceA truck trailer is the best for hard roads and heavy loads, but they also need the same care and attention you give to any vehicle. A well-maintained trailer truck needs regular checks and cleaning, inside and out. You could also check the following things on your own to make sure your truck trailer will stay in good condition.

Basic truck maintenance tips

1. Air the tires

No truck trailer in New Zealand would run without tires. They are an integral part of any vehicle. Check your tires regularly. Prolong the life of your tire with the right air tire pressure.

2. Rear impact guards

The rear impact guards (RIG) are an important part of any trailer, because they absorb shock from a collision. They protect a motorist who may rear-end a trailer. The RIG prevents the other vehicle from going under a truck. You should send a damaged RIG to your mechanic immediately.

3. Suspensions

Do not forget to inspect suspensions and check for irregular heat crack and tear on the air spring. Ensure the height is correct so you could make use of the benefits of an air-ride suspension. If you have an improperly placed suspension, it can lead to interference when navigating overpasses, as well as cause damage to other suspension components.

4. Lube

There are different kinds of grease and it is important to know which one to use for your trailer or truck in order for it to properly run. Grease it well and regularly to ensure proper performance.

5. Brakes

Always check your brakes if it is aligned properly. Also, check the drum condition while performing brake or wheel end service.

Give your truck the right maintenance and fix any problems that arise. Any vehicle is a valuable investment, and knowing how to care for a trailer truck is essential for any owner with a good money sense.

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