DIY Pipe Shelf: Construction Hacks You Need to Know

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Room with a ShelfShelves play an important part in one’s home. Not only do they help organize your books, they are also essential in organizing other things while adding an aesthetic touch to your place.

Buying shelves in your local store are easy. But for people who are on a budget, or those who simply want to unleash their creative sides, going for pipe shelves are becoming a thing. Aside from being budget-friendly, they are easy to make and is as durable as store bought ones.

1. Have a plan

Browse through the web to have an idea of how you want your shelf to be built. Aside from having an idea on how it would look it, it is essential to get the right measurements before you start your project.

2. Tools and materials

Have the right tools and materials. Aside from the pipe itself, the boards, pipe press tools, screws, bolts, and paints are must-haves in every project.

3. Work with the boards

It is important to work on your boards accurately. Aside from having the right measurements, do not forget to sand the boards before painting or attaching them to the wall.

4. Assemble the pipes

Assembling the pipes is more challenging than fixing the boards. With the right materials at hand, it is easy to cut, bend, and attach steel pipes together. You can screw the pipes by hand. It doesn’t need to be every night, as long as it is secure then it would be able to hold up.

5. Put together

Screw the flanges carefully to the wall and make sure they are leveled together. Install the boards and you are done.

Pipe shelves are not only easy to make. They are also aesthetically flexible. You can choose any colour that matches your home’s theme and use it for your boards or pipes itself. If you are feeling a creative, you can use other surfaces in lieu of boards to give your shelf a different finish.

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