Heat Pumps

Cool and Comfortable: Installing Heat Pumps the Right Way

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Heat PumpsHeat pumps are considered one of the most practical ways of heating and cooling your home. To make sure you get the installation right, ask a professional to do the job for you.

Getting to Know Your Heat Pump

Not many people may be aware of it, but there are actually different kinds of heat pumps out in the market. This would include ductless, mini-split heat pump, window heat pump, and single-split heat pump. Of these, it is the single-split heat pump that is considered the most popular among residential homes.

Tips for Heat Pump Installation

If you are thinking of having a heat pump installed in your home, Action Heating and Air Conditioning has the following tips:

1.    Make sure you minimize heat loss.

Before you install a heat pump, make sure you have proper insulation in place. Keep in mind that leaks can cause your heat pump to work doubly hard. Insulation would need to be put in place, particularly in your ceiling and under floor. While you’re at it, you might also want to check with your local government unit whether there are certain building codes you need to consider before you can start.

2.    Consider the type of heating unit to use.

As there are different types of heating units currently available in the market, consider not only your budget, but the size of your home as well. Some heat pumps such as the single-split type tend to be more suited for smaller homes.

3.    Consider where you would be placing the condenser.

Condensers need to be placed in an area with good ventilation and free from direct sunlight. It should also be placed a few inches from the ground to prevent it from overheating.

Once you are ready for the actual installation, fasten everything tightly to prevent leaks.

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