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Just to Be Safe: 3 Off Road Packing Secrets That Can Save Your Life

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offroad drivingExperienced side by side drivers never venture without the right equipment and accessories on board. Something will go wrong at some point, and when it does, you’ll want to be prepared.

Give some thought on how you’ll be packing the items, because putting too much load on your 4×4 will be just as dangerous as not taking the right stuff with you. The weight can cause unnecessary stress and poor balance on your vehicle, so pack accordingly. Think about SUV rollovers. It happens in off-road driving, too.

Here are some packing secrets that can help save your life down the road.

Know How Much to Pack

Knowing which things you will take will depend on where you are going. It also depends on how long the trip is.

As a rule, it’s important to pack enough side by side accessories, tools, equipment, and spare parts to be confident that you can get yourself out of a jam. After all, there is a very slim chance that a passing four-wheeler would come for help when you can’t fix the vehicle on your own.

Avoid Loose Items

What’s more important than packing the right amount of stuff is keeping all the items you’ve loaded safely stowed away or securely strapped down. Loose items might unfortunately become projectiles that can hit you hard. Use side by side accessories, like an over-head storage box and heavy-duty straps (instead of bungee cords) to securely store and strap items.

You simply need to contain and strap down anything that might hurt if it hits you, especially during rough driving and extreme maneuvers.

Take Some Friends

It’s always a good idea to take someone along—may it be friends, family members, or a special someone. After all, four-wheel driving is a lot more fun—and a lot safer—when you have a passenger along. Never go down or up a trail all by yourself, especially if it’s something you haven’t been on before.

Remember that your goal is to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the remoteness of thetrail and the destination. So pack up right, strap down the loose items, take someone with you, and most of all, tread lightly.

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