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Teaching the Ways of the Tutor

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home tutorTutors can play a crucial role in the academic development of your child. These private teachers give more personalised attention to your little ones and understand their inherent talents and weaknesses. Like all else, though, you have to find a good teacher who will be ideal for your child.

Get Recommendations

The best way to find a good private teacher is to ask either their past students or their parents. You can talk to family and friends about this.

Another option is to consult your child’s schoolteacher and ask if they can give any referrals for a good tutor. While these referrals will be very useful, it is best for you and your child to meet the teacher before you hire them.

Other Sources

You can also explore other sources while looking for tutors, and in Perth, you can approach various educational organisations to get some contacts. You can also look through newspaper classifieds and phone directories.

If you do not like tutoring centres and prefer one man/woman operators then the classifieds are the best option. Pay adequate attention to the various flyers at the library, malls, super market and your mailboxes.

Choose Appropriate Teachers for Your Child

A child who has a learning disability needs a special kind of teacher. The Internet is the best option when you are looking for specially trained educators. Choose who could customise his teaching methods to suit the unique learning ability of your child. Take note, though, that there are no good or bad teachers; ‘bad’ ones may not just be an ideal fit for your child, and you just need to find someone else.

Some teachers are a match for a specific type of student, so in some cases this may even matter more than the experience of the tutor. In either case, tutors give focused attention to their charge, making opportunities for learning that would otherwise be impossible in a classroom setting.

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