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Children and the Outdoors: Why You Should Encourage Them to Go Outside

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As a parent, you shouldn’t let your children exchange their time for the outdoors to a sedentary lifestyle indoors. Going out exposes them to different situations that could highly contribute to their growth and development. While staying indoors isn’t that bad, it’s important to have a good balance as your children grow. Here’s why:

Effects of Outdoor Environment to Children’s Growth

There’s no better way to boost the immune system of your children than taking them out in the sun. Children’s exposure to nature and its elements can help develop their stamina and strengthen their immunity to diseases. They can also become physically fit when they go and play outside. Different terrains and long walks, for one, can help improve their lung and heart health. Green areas such as parks are likewise good for the lungs.

Aside from these, your children can maintain healthy physiques as they grow since they move a lot and are out of the couch. Their mental health and intellect develop, too. Freedom to play with children of their age, to roll on mud yet not got scolded, and to have contact with different natural elements allows them to learn adaptive and social skills. These are things they won’t gain inside the house.

Social and Learning Experiences


There’s a lot to learn when you let your children play outside. They get to see different plants, wildlife, trees, and natural resources. From there, they discover what impact the environment has on people and vice versa. It’s also through exposure that they might recognize how to care for the environment. They should know early on that plants, animals, and trees also need caring. Now, they won’t wonder whenever you contact tree surgeons in your Maidstone area if there’s a sick tree.

Your children’s discoveries will lead them to different people. They will have playmates while they’re young, and these same playmates can be their friends until they grow old. They can develop a positive outlook and attitude when they interact with the right crowd.

Family for Outdoor Opportunities

Family plays an important role in the outdoor activities of children. Parents should be open about it so that their children can enjoy their time outside. It’s also important to give their children enough freedom and trust. Children look for approval from their parents so parents need to be supportive. Join during outdoor activities. You can supervise your children while they go outside. Bring them to hiking trails and biking trails. It’s even more fun when it’s a family affair. You let them learn while still keeping an eye on them.

Make learning fun for children by mixing different environments for them. Allow them to stay inside, but encourage them to experience the outdoors from time to time. Different environments contribute to experience from which they will learn. It’s alright to play video games, but life outside is better for their well-being. A sedentary lifestyle will only make them want to slack in school and, in the future, their work and life. Start training them now to keep moving so that they lead an active lifestyle this early.

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