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How to Earn from Your Love of Pop Culture

If you grew up consuming and loving popular movies, TV shows, music, and games and have a lot of pop culture knowledge, maybe it’s time to consider turning it into a side hustle. There are plenty of ways to earn money from being a pop-culture savant, and here are some options you can explore to

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Everything You Need to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Just because we’re in a pandemic doesn’t mean we have to put our entire lives on hold. If you’re reading this right now, it means your life is about to enter a new chapter. And every new chapter deserves a great beginning. So instead of letting the pandemic stop you from having a physical baby

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Tips for a New and Better You

The year 2020 is over. As we start 2021, why not resolve to become the best versions of ourselves? Here are four tips on where to begin. Find Love There are many quotes, idioms, and clichés about being in love. One example is, “It’s not being in love that makes me happy. It is the

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Focusing on Yourself: Moving on from Heartbreak

Nothing beats the joy of finding a person who can share your happiness with, especially in the most private moments. Entering a relationship can put you in a state of bliss capable of changing your life in ways you never imagined. However, couples might come across obstacles and roadblocks that might put their connection to

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Productivity Problems? Here are 3 Time Management Ideas for Working Parents

Remote work sounded almost like a dream for most parents when the pandemic hit. No more morning rush juggling breakfast, children’s homework, and making yourself look presentable in an inhumane amount of time. You can wake up later than usual and enjoy some downtime immediately after working hours. Not to mention the savings you get

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Livestock You Can Raise in Your Backyard (+ Things to Consider Before Having Them)

In the midst of these tough times, many of us realized the importance and advantages of having instant access to food and profitable resources. Though the lockdowns are over, and we’re back to grocery shopping almost as normally as before, we’re still not free from the economic effects of the pandemic. As such, we’ve been

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How Swiss Cheese Can Help You Raise Better Kids Today

Living amid a pandemic has given us all a lesson in managing risk and drawing upon multiple layers of safety. The reality is unless you have a medical-grade air compressor, you can’t ensure that the air you breathe is pure and free from contaminants. So you have to undertake several measures to improve your safety. Each

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Why Habits Are Insufficient To Gain Skill Mastery, and How To Supplement Them

Whether you’re a newcomer to the domain of self-improvement or a longtime devotee of the practice, you may have heard about the power of habit formation. It’s been the subject of several studies and bestselling self-help books. In theory, habit formation allows you to learn almost any skill. The internet can serve as a starting

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To Improve Your Child’s Study Habits, Try Asking Questions Like a Child

There are many factors involved in determining educational outcomes. Most children who do well academically have several of those determinants working in their favor. On the other hand, poor performance is often linked with adverse influences such as medical conditions, emotional issues, malnutrition, or negative relationships at home or among peers. Some of these factors are

7 Useful Shortcuts For Parents With Packed Schedules

Being a parent often feels like a full-time job where you’re always understaffed–add that on top of having an actual full-time job, and juggling all of your responsibilities can feel nothing short of impossible. Luckily, there are a lot of shortcuts that you can take–and a lot of them can often be your saving grace

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