Burglar-Proof Your Home with these Impressive Technologies

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Alarm System in NapervilleAs the crime rate in Chicago continues to rise, this should already prompt you to take action and make your home safer and secure. You cannot be too careful whether at day (when everyone usually leaves) or at night (when everyone is sound asleep). You should make it less attractive of a target for malicious individuals or even criminals.

To make you realize just how important alarm systems are for Chicago homes nowadays, you should know the statistics. Industry experts at Alarm-One Security Systems note that your chances of becoming targeted by property criminals are 1 in 32 people. Nearly 15,000 burglaries and more than 61,500 theft cases having occurred over the past year.

These numbers should already make you want to install the following burglar- and theft-proofing devices for your home:

Sensors for weak entry points

First, you have to know which parts of your home are the weakest entry points. These include your windows and doors (especially those with glass panels), and pet doors. Burglars, thieves, and home invaders favor these as their way for gaining unwanted entry to the homes of their targets.

For instance, you can use glass break sensors to strengthen these areas of your home. Once broken, they will trigger an alarm loud enough to notify you and even your neighbors. The same goes true for door and window sensors, which, when alarmed and someone tampers with them, will also trigger an alarm.

Let them know you know of their unauthorized entry with motion detectors

Motion detectors, set off when they detect any form of movement. Some models turn all the lights on, while others notify you through loud alarms. Higher-end models feature both.

Have their faces identified with image sensors or CCTVs

Image sensors combined with recording-equipped CCTVs will allow you to identify the faces, even physiques of the criminals who targeted your home. Even when no one is at home, you can have these systems synced with your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and any other mobile device so you always know what takes place in your home.

So crime-proof your home as soon as possible with these innovative technologies.

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