The Types and Conditions of Homes in Japan

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Japanese residential areaThe land prices in Japan can be pricey for some people, just like what it is in other countries today. The size of the houses and the rentals may not be as great as it is in some countries. Spacious yet low-cost properties are a problem in the urban areas of some cities. But if you consult an Osaka property consultant, you can find the ideal homes, condos and other types of property in the country.

According to Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd., most homes are built in Japanese style. But in recent years, some western style houses are also being built.

Rental housing

Japan has two types of rentals – public housing and private housing. Apartments and condos form the major part of the rentals. Public housing is provided by government and housing corporations. Regardless of your nationality, you can apply for this kind of housing. There are luxury apartments and also high income, medium income and low-income group housing available. The tenants are picked by lottery. You will have to pay a deposit before you move into these rentals. The tenants will have to comply with all the rules.

Private housing

Private housing is normally owned by private companies and individuals. There are various types of private housing available and they are categorised based on their size. Some are self-occupied, while others are rentals. They are apartments, mansion, private homes and condominium. The apartments are built with lightweight word, mortar and steel. The mansions are apartments made from reinforced concrete, are better insulated and even have car parking space. Some private homes are created using a mixture of Western and Japanese styles. They have parking space and have gardens.

The area of the homes is specified in square meters in Japan. The homes either have Japanese style tatami mats or western style carpeted flooring. The apartments generally have a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, unified bathrooms, closet etc. The homes also come with a meter box for gas and water.

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