3 Things to Think About When Buying Blinds and Shades

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Blinds Windows can serve as any room’s focal point. However, you can further improve it by having window treatments. Blinds and shades are some of the most popular and functional window treatments in the market right now. They add style and appeal, improve privacy, and help you control how much natural light enters the room.

With so many choices, here are some tips from Yes Blinds to know which to buy based on your needs.

Privacy and Light

Ask yourself what level of privacy and how much amount of natural light you want to enter the room. Do you want an airy and bright room, or a dim and more intimate one? You must also consider where the windows are located. If the windows are facing the side where the sun usually is, then you must pick a heavier model if you want to block out more light.

Budget Requirements

The more windows you’re trying to cover, the more money it will cost you. Larger window treatments typically cost more. Costs continue to increase if you want a custom size, patterned shades, specialty fabrics, or additional features. A good way to manage your budget is spending more on some window treatments while cutting back on others. This will also result in more variety.

Cleaning and Maintenance

While dust and dirt can quickly accumulate on the slats of blinds, you can easily clean them yourself. Double roller blinds will naturally take twice the time to clean, but the added appeal makes it worth it. Shades in fabrics, on the other hand, may require professional cleaning or vacuuming because of their delicate material. A mix of both kinds is advisable since only using blinds can be boring even if they are easier to clean.

Remember these tips so you can find the best window treatments for every window at your home. This way, you can maximise the appeal they provide and control the natural light you want to enter each room.

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