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Brand Buzz: How Can You Measure Business Brand Awareness?

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Strong brand awareness is a key factor in building business growth. You can achieve it by creating a successful content marketing strategy, which can also help your business establish long-lasting relationships with consumers and earn their trust and loyalty. But you have to take note that it does not happen easily and it can be hard to measure.

Here are ways you can measure the work that you put into your content marketing programs to build brand awareness.

Social Media Reach

Social media content has a focused impact on brand awareness. A wider reach means that you have a wider potential for various audiences. Years ago, Twitter, for example, developed a tool for users to track the number of times a tweet has been shared.

These days, there are many online tools and applications for businesses to keep track of the number of times their content has been shared on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. Just make sure to choose online services that can provide you with comprehensive information about your social media reach so that you can produce better content for your audience.

Content Shares

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Influencers, bloggers and vloggers have a long list of followers who check out their content all the time. You can take advantage of this by partnering up with influencers so that your content, including videos, get a higher chance of reaching many users and being shared many more times over.

A share bar in a blog post makes it easy for readers to share content on various social media platforms to spread awareness about your brand. Share bars are easy to set up on blogs and are also easy to track. To boost the possibility of users sharing your content, make sure that you give them engaging materials. For videos, for example, work with a video production firm in Surrey that can help you make a visual branding campaign.

Brand Mentions

Brand mentions can provide businesses with honest-to-goodness feedback and insight from prospective leads, so there is really great value in monitoring brand discussions online.

You can track brand mentions using several sites such as Hootsuite and Google Alerts. These allow companies to set up custom alerts, and monitor brand discussions and mentions, including certain phrases and keywords, in various social media feeds.

Search Outcomes

Most online traffic comes from simple searches. The more people are searching for a company or a product, the more solid the indication that consumers are aware of the business and brand.

Google Adwords and Moz are some online tools that you can use to track searches on social media platforms, blogs and others. These are free to use and can help determine if your company pops up whenever customers are searching for something related to your products or services.

Digital content marketing requires time to develop strong brand awareness for a business. But there are subtle hints that will specify how your company efforts are working. Use tools to see how your brand awareness campaigns are doing and adjust the strategy until you see positive results and meet your goals.

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