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How to Design Your Patio for Summer

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While you might think that going out on a hot summer day is a little insane, there’s a little place just outside your house that can prove you wrong — with a little effort and investment. It’s your patio!

Whether it’s self-made or one of the many Stratco patios across the country, this area of the house can be perfect for plenty of summer gatherings and activities. All you need is a little imagination, effort, and willingness to have fun under the sun.

If you’re looking for fun things to do or add to your porch this summer, this short and handy list of ideas can help you.

Add a pergola

One of the biggest drawbacks to the summer is the heat. It’s one of the reasons people prefer staying inside, as most patios aren’t constructed with adequate shading in mind. But this can change once you add a pergola: a mixture of support beams and shading that you can easily construct over your patio area.

Not only does this add much-needed cover from the hot summer sun, but it can also give your house more ambiance when it comes to decor. Spruce it up with cloth curtains or plants for a rustic, vineyard-like look.


Patios aren’t just for daytime gatherings; they’re excellent places to have a quiet drink or play some cards with your friends as the sun goes down. Installing a few lighting fixtures around your patio can help you hold events during the evening, not to mention providing additional illumination around your home.

Extend your kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Who doesn’t like dining al fresco? The patio is a good place to hold parties and food of all types and occasions. Children’s parties, barbecues, or even moving out to eat there on a summer afternoon are all excellent ways to enjoy the season. A few monoblock chairs and a folding table can get you started.

If you’re feeling a little fancy, you can even start an outdoor bar. Drinks are among the best ways to beat the heat, and setting up a little bar for yourself and your friends on your patio is a memorable way to spend the summer.

Grow your own produce

If there’s one thing that plants love, it’s sunshine—and summer has plenty of it. It’s the perfect weather to start growing your own herbs and vegetables, and your patio has all the space you can possibly need to get started on your own garden. All you need is a plot of land, the right type of soil and plants, and a little bit of patience and consistency when it comes to taking care of them.

You can even have this professionally set up by any patio renovator or general contractor in your area to make it a year-round thing. If you’re itching to put your green thumb to work, now is the best time to do it.

Summer’s no reason to just stay in and enjoy the AC. With a little hard work and a lot of patience, you can easily transform that hot area outside your home into a lovely space where you and the people that you care about can create good memories.

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