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Affordable Vacations and Holidays: Can You Find One?

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The travel industry’s growth has made it difficult for all travellers to choose a destination that is worthy of their time or suitable for their budget. There are many destinations and holiday tour promos found in online vacation sites, from scenic spots and fun things to do in Melbourne to romantic tropical vacations in Polynesia. But one factor could affect your decision: your budget. But there is one destination that could guarantee fun and adventure without going broke: Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia offers some of the best and cheapest vacation spots worldwide. There are several countries in this region, and most of them offer vacations that are easy on your wallet. Here are the best countries for a vacation in Southeast Asia.


The country has some of the most photogenic places worldwide. The tropical climate, mountains, beaches, and historical attractions interest many visitors. The best place to visit up north is Ubud, which is a popular town filled with restaurants and boutiques. While in Indonesia, do not forget to relish the taste of Luwak coffee, the world’s most expensive coffee.


This is the ideal country for solo travellers looking for simple pleasures. It is home to the pangolin, one of only two mammals with an armour-like plating. There is a relaxing atmosphere in Brunei, and you can escape the busy city atmosphere found in most Southeast Asian cities.

In Brunei, you can visit the historical Kampong Ayer. This is the largest water village, and all the houses are on stilts. The Gadong night market is also a must-visit for local street foods. Food fans should try roti, an Indian flatbread; ambuyat, starchy sago palm; and nasi katok, a fried chicken delicacy with chilli paste served with steamed rice.


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Those looking for an adventure-filled vacation for eco-tourism and sunbathing should visit Laos. This country is landlocked and has deltas and small rivers, perfect for vacationers who wish to relax. In Laos, you should visit the ancient capital city Luang Prabang, a UNESCO heritage site. You should also visit Vang Vieng town, where they have adrenaline-packed adventures, including zip lining, kayaking, caving and hot-air ballooning.


This is the perfect country for hiking trails and rare endangered species. Malaysia has spectacular rainforests, wildlife sanctuaries and hiking trails. You could book a tour, but you should also go on a food trip. You should try laksa, a spicy coconut curry dish combined with lime and hard-boiled eggs.

For those who want to see the big city, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital offers travellers shopping, museums, and an unforgettable view from the Petronas Towers, one of the highest skyscrapers in the world.

Going on vacation does not mean using up all your savings. There’s always a promotional tour you can find online that offers holiday trips in Southeast Asia for any budget. With the right travel portal, you can go on a tropical island holiday, a mountain hiking adventure, a wildlife sightseeing tour, or a city adventure that could suit anyone’s financial status.

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