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Common Foot Problems and Their Treatments

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Many people suffer from foot pain. This can be no surprise since your feet go through much every day. Walking, running, and jumping tire your feet. This is why feet pain is such a problem. It limits your mobility and options. Here are some ways to identify the problem and treat it properly:

Plantar Fasciitis

If you feel pain near the heel of your foot, then you are most likely suffering from plantar fasciitis. The condition is mainly an inflammation of the connecting tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes. This condition is connected to strenuous exercises like running. You can also feel this on some mornings as you wake up.

Treating this particular condition is pretty easy. You will need to perform strengthening exercises so that your feet can handle the movements that cause you pain. Additionally, you can seek anti-inflammatory medicine for your feet.


Sometimes, your big toe hurts when you walk while wearing shoes. When you look at your toes to see what is causes the pain, you might see a visible bump near your big toe. This is a bunion and the most likely cause of your problem. Bunions can force your toe to turn inward while making your shoes feel tight. Fortunately, there are easy ways to treat bunions. Wearing comfortable shoes is one of the better options, combined with applying an over-the-counter bunion pad. Additionally, if it really hurts, you can apply ice to reduce the swelling.

Flat Feet

flat feet

If you feel general pain in your feet, then you should check if you have flat feet. This condition is when your feet have no arches. These arches are important since they help distribute the weight of your body and give a spring to your steps. Without them, your body will experience additional stress that it is not used to. Flat feet are caused by injuries, arthritis, or even just genetics.

The best way to treat flat feet is to have comfortable and well-supported shoes. Putting insoles for flat feet in your shoes can also be a big help since they add to the support for your feet. You should start with some exercises that strengthen your foot muscles.

Stone Bruise

If you are a fan of high-impact exercises, then you have experienced a stone bruise or two. Scientifically named metatarsalgia, this is when the areas between the toes and foot arch feel numb and have occasional stabbing pains like you have a stone in your shoe. The best way to treat them is to apply an ice pack and rest for some time.

In the end, moving like a disabled person can be disheartening. However, by following the tips above, you should be able to determine what causes your foot pain and resolve it. You will still need to visit a doctor to be sure, but you won’t be hobbling your way into the clinic to get treated for it. You can look for other reliable sources online if you feel unsure.

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