Why Playtime is Crucial for a Child’s Development

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Father teaching the son how to ride the bikeSome parents see playtime only as a way to pass the time or keep the kids distracted. But play, whether indoors or outdoors, is actually very important for a child’s growth, health, and development.

Keeps kids active and healthy

One great way to keep children active is by letting them ride around the neighborhood on their bikes, notes MADSEN Cycles. Cycling, which is a form of exercise, ensures proper function of one’s lungs and heart and also helps regulate weight. Apart from cycling, outdoor games such as rope skipping, skating, and basketball help kids gain physical muscle strength, as they jump, run, hop, and steer. They get to enjoy their surroundings and while at it, breathe fresh air and experience mild sunshine exposure.

Encourages independence

In a playground, children learn to interact and negotiate with other kids on how to share toys. Without their parents’ help, they quickly get themselves back up when they fall. Kids are able to make their own decisions on whether they want to play by themselves, who to play with, and where to set up their toys. These simple activities give the child social skills while encouraging them to exercise independence at home or at school.

Promotes learning and creativity

Activities such as painting, card games, and board games are great for brain development. The child’s brain gets challenged by trying to find the next move in a board game, for instance. Here, they also develop different but creative ways of achieving certain results. While cycling or skating, they learn to coordinate and balance in addition to maneuvering challenges like corners and bumps.

Remember to observe and accommodate your child. Children learn certain skills each one at their own pace. It is in playing the games over and over that they register progress. The values they learn here will surely serve them well into adulthood.

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