Man travelling with his parents

The Checklist You Need when Travelling with Ageing Parents

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Man travelling with his parentsMany studies support the idea that spending time outdoors has a positive impact on the health of older adults. Aside from encouraging your parents to go out more and do light exercises like a walk in the park, it is also nice if you can bring them to vacations while you still can. Vacationing with your ageing parents can be a little more complicated, but the key is to plan thoroughly.

Do your research before deciding on a place.

Ask those with experiences and do your search online about the best vacation destinations for seniors. The answers could vary but always consider accessibility. Is the place ideal for walking, or if your parent is in a wheelchair, are there facilities to accommodate it? Will transportation be easy? List all your special needs and make sure you set your requirements for each.

Know all emergency hotlines.

Get the directory of all emergency hotlines in your choice of destination. You need to have it ready and on hand all the time. Other places you must know in advance are hospitals and nearby pharmacies in Penge, for example. Also, make sure that you have the contact number of your parents’ doctor in case of emergency since they know all about your parents’ health history.

Book everything ahead.

Logistics is very important, so it is necessary that you reserve your hotels, transportation, activities and sightseeing, and even meals ahead of time. You also need to give a heads up to the staff if you have special requests.

Have a detailed itinerary.

Travelling with older adults leaves you no room for spontaneity. When you finalise your schedule, make sure that it is not overwhelming and exhausting. Make it a point to follow every activity with relaxation time. Do not be too ambitious to squeeze everything in one day.

Pack it all in.

Forget about packing light. When you go on a trip with seniors, you need to make sure that they will be comfortable. Bring everything that they could need—from being on the road or the plane to walking, bathing, and sleeping. Most importantly, do not forget to pack their meds.

A couple of things that seniors struggle with are physical decline and loneliness. To beat both, go on trips and vacations with them whenever you can. Planning can be a bit more challenging, but it is going to be worth it.

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