Why Millennials Love Garden Fences

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County style garden fenceMillennials have a stronger attachment to appearances and their branding. The idea of a personal brand for each individual didn’t even exist until social media, a highly millennial experience, became a cultural staple.

Personal branding has even extended to house design, which has become a huge passion for millennials who want their homes to reflect their personalities.

A home’s first impression is through its exterior design, specifically estate gates and fences. Garden fencing, in particular, is something millennials love to use for a variety of reasons.

A pretty frame for your home

The first thing you notice about a person, a place, a gift, or even an event is the packaging: the clothes, the ornamentation, the wrapping or the backdrop. Millennials understand the importance of garnishing your home with pretty icing like a delectable cake.

Guests will first behold the garden’s barrier before stepping into an abode, and millennials want a nice frame that exudes the inner personality of their house. These fences serve much like a magnificent velvet show curtain: they beautify the initial visual experience of a home and tease the potential lavishness that lies inside.

What else shouts “Come in! It is safe and warm inside,” like a quaint, white picket fence?

Safeguarding natural beauty

Gardens provide something more than just a place to relax. For millennials, an eye-catching garden is like a landscape photograph come to life, a background scene begging to be published: the earthy tones, the soft green of mowed grass, and the bright sprinkles of colors from flowers.

Like the outside of their homes, the inside must also have an enviable sparkle. Millennials invest in their gardens, and they do not want a rogue dog or naughty kids from the block to harm their favorite, carefully nurtured slice of nature. These fences act as protective barriers for their small but exclusive Eden.

Acting social… in private

Despite their penchant for sharing the details of their life, millennials still like their private moments. They will tell you where they are vacationing, who they are with, and what they are doing. However, they don’t want snoopy eyes lingering over every vulnerable moment they have.

Millennials want their privacy, and fences allow them to spend hours relaxing in their homes, cavorting around their garden with friends, family, and pets, and socializing with their closest relations without having to worry about nosy neighbors.

Fences form a judgment-free zone, where they can let their hair down, take goofy selfies, and forget that the outside world exists.

Garden fences were a Gen-X trend, but they have come to fit the millennial personality more than anyone could have expected. Hopefully, house exterior innovations can keep up with their changing preferences and demands.

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