3 Easy Ways to Handle a Troublesome Sewer

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workers cleaning the sewer lineIf you’ve never had a river of smelly, terrible sewer flowing in your floors, then you may think it happens only in nightmares. The truth, however, is that this is a real possibility, as numerous homeowners who’ve seen it firsthand will tell you.

So, what do you when it happens to you? Here are some suggestions.

Call a professional

If you were not at home when the sewer backup happened and the sewage has been in your house for more than a day, then let a professional handle the mess. That’s because there’s a possibility that the sewage may have come into contact with your central AC and other important places in your home that you can’t properly clean.

Call one or two competent plumbers here in Salt Lake City to inspect the problem and fix it.

Move quickly

Where the sewer backup happened while you were at home, then you need to respond promptly. The longer you let the wastewater sit in your house, the higher the risk of illnesses. Depending on how severe the problem is, you can effectively deal with the problem yourself.

Keep in mind that you’ll need the proper equipment for the job. A pump, a wet-dry vacuum, and a push broom should get the work done.

Protect yourself

If you’ve decided to take care of the problem yourself, you need to know that the danger of infection is very high. This is why you need to have protective apparel for the job. That includes rubber boots, gloves, and eyewear.

After cleaning the wastewater, make sure you wash yourself and the clothes you used meticulously.

Sewage in your house can easily contaminate your drinking water and result in all manner of problems. To avoid this, you need to clean up the mess quickly and appropriately, so everything goes back to normal within a short while.

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