When Things Go Down the Drain: House Habits for the Young Professional

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Woman Using Plunger in Kitchen Sink

Young professionals who recently graduated from university have so many things to be excited about — building a name for yourself, getting paid to do what you love, and of course, living independently. You can achieve the first two by exploring your skills and being open to new experiences.

As for the third one, you may need some help from your local handyman. After all, you would encounter more problems than burnt breakfast, wrinkled clothes, and unpaid bills when living by yourself. You may come across house maintenance problems such as clogged drains.

Here are habits that are helpful in making things go down the drain — the ones that actually should, of course.

Pouring Hot Water Down the Drain

Grease and hard water deposits may build up inside the pipes of your garbage disposal unit even if you use it properly. Make a habit of pouring hot water down the drain of the sink and into the pipes to prevent nasty buildup that leads to clogged and overflowing kitchen sinks.

In addition to pouring hot water down the drain to clean the pipes, you may also pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar into them, at least once a week, for further protection. Natural cleaners effectively clean your home; the lack of chemicals protects your health, too.

Making Sure Things Go Down the Right Drain

When you’re rushing to work in the morning or to an unexpected meeting in the evening, it’s tempting to dump the contents of your plate into the sink. Despite being pressed for time, spare a few seconds to make sure that food scraps only go down the garbage disposal.

Even then, keep the food scraps to a minimum because bigger food particles may also build up in the pipes and eventually cause clogging and overflowing.

Clogged drains are only one of the many house maintenance issues you may encounter, but don’t feel intimidated. A little research and your local handyman will help you out.

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