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What Should You Ask Your Potential Family Dentist?

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Exceptional care for the whole family. That’s the promise you’ll hear from a teeth whitening specialist in Townsville or other towns in Australia. Before you decide on which dental practice to entrust with your family’s oral health, be ready with a few questions. Their answers should reveal whether they deserve your patronage.

What Are Their Preventative Care Services?

A visit to the dentist once every six months should suffice. If you have problems with the gums or teeth, however, you’d better find more time to spare—about every three months, or as recommended. The health of supporting structures may not be the focus of targeted dental interventions.

However, if your dentist has a preventative program, potential problems may be identified before they blossom into something more serious. You cannot inherit healthy teeth and gums. You have to invest time and attention to have a healthy mouth and a brilliant smile. A dentist who is willing to help and guide you, as well as the rest of your family, in maintaining good oral health is worth visiting at least twice a year.

What Do They Do for Patients Who Want Sealants?

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You may ask this question later on, but if you are keen on knowing the extent of their services, then you could ask it immediately. How the dentist receives the query will also give you an idea about how they use modern technology in their practice. Sealants may serve as protective covers for both children and adults, but they are most beneficial when placed early.

Sealants are thin materials applied on the surface of your back teeth. Their primary function is preventing cavities from forming. They keep the food particles bacteria love separate from the surface of the teeth. Sealants are particularly beneficial to school-aged children. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states cavities are three times more prevalent in children without sealants.

Other studies show that sealants placed on the chewing surface of molars prevent cavity formation 80 per cent of the time. Usually made from plastic, sealants help arrest the development of cavities when placed at the right time. In some instances, they prevent cavity formation altogether! Ask the dentist about the best time for your children to have sealants put on their molars.

What Is Their Advice on Food that May be Harmful to Teeth?

When you ask this question, you expect the dentist to tell you to stay away from sweets and limit the consumption of acidic food. What you’d be surprised to hear is the advice to eat crunchy produce fresh from the farm. They are good for the teeth and jaws. They are good for the body as well. A capable dentist will also tell you to drink more water, especially after meals. This practice will help wash off food from teeth, especially if you do not have a chance to brush or floss.

Oral health is significant and everyone should know the basic care for maintaining dental health. Your family deserves good dental care, so choose a competent dentist in your area so that you will not have to worry about tooth decay and gum disease anymore.

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