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Be the Best Version of Yourself: The Power of Mediation

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Meditation is becoming more and more popular today across the globe as they discover its wonderful benefits. In fact, some people even travel overseas to meditate. Several practices can help you reflect on your current situation in life.

It also allows us to see things in a different light and be stronger and stay positive. Meditation in Cambodia has helped a lot of people experiencing difficulties in life. It has increased their awareness of themselves and their surroundings.

Today, people in the corporate world is also using the same practice to help them improve self-control, discipline, and regain a positive mood and outlook. Some also use it for healthy sleep patterns. Here’s a breakdown on how meditation can help your overall health and well-being:

Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Stress and anxiety are some of the main reasons many people try to meditate. When you’re stressed, your body produces hormones called cortisol.

Too much stress hormones can also release harmful chemicals called cytokines, which may result in sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, and cloudy thinking. Mindful meditation can help reduce the inflammation response in your body.

Several studies have shown evidence that this practice may not only help reduce stress, but may also improve other related symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, and fibromyalgia.

Boosts Self-Awareness

Confident woman raising her handsDeveloping self-awareness through meditation may take some time and energy. This comes with a healing practice. For instance, being mindful is one of the most important steps to become more disciplined. The key here is to develop a better understanding of yourself.

Remember, to become your best version, you need to know who you are. And there are many meditation exercises that can help you with this dilemma. When you meditate, you can reflect and recognise different thoughts that could be harmful or self-defeating.

Making this as part of your routine will help you become more aware of your weaknesses, and focuses more on how to resolve such problems.

Prevents Age-Related Memory Loss

As mentioned, meditation can help improve self-awareness, which also makes you more attentive and think clearly. Experts recommend the practice of Kirtan Kriya, which is a combination of a mantra or chant with repetitive hand gestures to help you focus.

Many people who do this practice have improved their ability to perform memory tasks at hand. Several studies have also shown that various meditation techniques have helped participants to become more mentally prepared and attentive. On top of that, certain practices have helped some patients with dementia.

Helps Overcome Addiction

The mental discipline you develop from meditation allows you to have self-control, and become more aware when addictive behaviours trigger. Robert Downey Jr, Tim Allen, and Carrie Fisher are some of the most prominent celebrities who have overcome addiction through meditation exercises.

It’s been a lifelong battle with alcohol addiction and substance abuse, but he managed to fight it with the help of his family and meditation.

Be the best version of yourself with the help of meditation. Take it one step at a time. Learn the different forms of meditation.

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