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What Makes Alkaline Water a Great Substitute to Regular Water?

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When it comes to our body’s needs, there’s no surprise that water should always be one of those needs we’ll need to have every day. Water can be found in almost any part of modern society since it’s used for showering, bathing, and sustenance through hydration. This is why water is bottled up and stored for future consumption.

Since we live in a capitalist society, we’re given the freedom of choice to choose from a variety of products; this includes products like water, which comes in a variety of types. In most Asian countries, Alkaline water has been one of the latest crazes for different health buffs and enthusiasts. It’s also steadily increasing in popularity in other Western countries. Most studies would say that it has numerous health benefits.

But does it really have health benefits? What makes it different from other types of water? Should you be substituting your water supply at home with alkaline water? Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Is Alkaline Water Actually Good For You?

But before anything else, we’ll need to discuss the viability of alkaline water as a substitute for regular water. Is it really good for you? Well, the main premise of alkaline water is that it’s more basic and less acidic. When water is acidic, it will generally have a lower pH scale, and if it’s considered basic or alkaline, it has a higher pH scale. “Pure” water, which means water that isn’t exposed to air or any contaminants, will have a pH of 7, which makes it neutral. Anything that’s above the threshold of a seven pH scale is now considered basic, while anything below it is acidic.

Alkaline water is known for being essential to your digestive system since it produces a good amount of acid throughout much of the day. For someone that might have a sensitive stomach, alkaline water that has a pH level of around 8.5 or greater can help lower the acidity of the stomach, lower blood pressure, boost hydration in the body.

With all of these said, individuals that are quite conscious of their health are starting to shift towards drinking this water rather than mineral water or one that is distilled. But medically speaking, how does it help?

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It’s Better Than Drinking Water With Impurities

It’s important to note that there are a lot of variables that can affect the pH scale of water. Although oxygen is known for lowering the pH scale of water, there are several studies that point out that acidity in water also comes from chemicals and the metals that most pipes are made out of. This means that the water that you’re drinking could have harmful metals and chemicals. You might want to consider having your pipes and water supply checked by professional plumbers that are well-versed in keeping pipes clean and in pristine condition.

It Helps With GERD

GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disorder is usually caused by an acidic stomach. Having an acidic stomach is counter-intuitive in the hydration process since most individuals that have hyperacidity or GERD will often vomit, which can cause dehydration. That said, the best way of retaining water in the body would be by satiating the stomach. Certain studies have shown that high levels of pH in water can help reduce the production of digestive fluids and acid. Thus, most individuals that feel like vomiting might want to have alkaline water.

Other than just helping with your stomach’s hyperacidity and being a clean source of water, alkaline water is a great way of hydrating yourself after a long day of working out. You won’t need to have a sports drink that’s jam-packed with calories and sugar when alkaline water can help your body clean.

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