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The Best Taxi Systems Around the World

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Wherever you go, you can always rely on a taxi to bring you to your destination.

Taxis are common modes of transport. You can find them in every city, from New York to Mumbai. Despite the presence of train lines and the appearance of ride-hailing apps, many commuters choose to regularly take a taxi because they are comfortable, safe, fast, and convenient.


Singapore’s public transport system is a marvel. It is impressively very clean, a reflection of how the city-state values tidiness, organization and comfort. Anyone, from small children to business executives, does not hesitate to take the train, a bus, or a taxi to go anywhere because the public transport system follows a logical system that protects travelers, commuters and drivers. Unlike most western countries, Singapore is not a tipping culture, and so what you see on the taxi meter is what you will pay an object of envy to neighboring countries that have been plagued with nightmarish traffic jams.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that Singaporeans have one of the best taxi systems in the world. SMRT, the leading multi-modal public transport on the island, is the primary provider of taxi cabs. They provide support for drivers and place taxis in places where they are needed the most.

The base fare of regular taxis in Singapore is quite affordable, making it a popular mode of transport by locals and travelers alike. Whether you want to explore the business district or head to the numerous tourist destinations across the city-state, a taxi can be your ride and guide in Singapore.


There are thousands of taxis roaming the streets of Seoul, South Korea. Whether you are in a hurry to meet a business appointment early in the morning or going home after eating Korean barbecue and drinking soju late at night, it would not be impossible to call a taxi and bring you wherever you need to be.

Perhaps, what makes Seoul’s taxi system one of the best in the world is integrating technology to ensure that each journey is safe. Taxis in Seoul are equipped with their GPS navigation systems, guiding drivers and passengers alike across the expanse of the capital. There are also black boxes that monitor the conduct of both driver and customer during the trip.

Don’t understand Korean? That is okay. They also have international taxis that offer services to passengers who speak English and Japanese.

New York

Is there anything more iconic than the yellow cabs of New York City?

The train lines provide access to any point in and out of the Big Apple, but they can get confusing, crowded, or unpleasant. On the other hand, taxis are both loved and hated by New Yorkers because, although they can get expensive and there is traffic to deal with, they are pretty reliable.

There is also a long history between the two. Would you believe that taxis have been plying the streets of New York City since 1987 — over a hundred years ago? By the early 1900s, about 1,000 taxi cabs were already in service of New Yorkers, bringing them anywhere they needed to go.

With the rise of car-hailing apps, the yellow cabs of New York City have seen a significant decline; it is still an efficient and comfortable way to get around.

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London’s black cabs are as recognizable as the double-decker bus, another primary mode of option, and maybe Big Ben. You see them everywhere in movies and television shows produced in the UK. For example, in BBC’s Sherlock, the titular Sherlock and his flat-mate Watson go everywhere, not by using the Tube (underground subway), but by taking a black cab. It has also appeared on James Bond films and the sci-fi series Doctor Who.

However, as the ride-hailing apps, private vehicles become more common, the black cabs decline London. Still, drivers believe that they can offer something to commuters that Uber cannot provide: deep and intimate knowledge of the history, its many streets, and landmarks. A tourist who may be exploring London for the first time would not have any trouble trusting that they will arrive wherever they need to go with the help of a black cab. Tourists may get a history lesson from their driver when they choose to take a black cab.

For a long time, taxis have been one of the primary modes of transportation not just in developed nations and major cities, but anywhere in the world. They can transport you to your destination quickly and safely. Drivers are also usually gems who have extensive knowledge of their city more than other residents.

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