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Wedding Favours That Will Make Your Guests Happy

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Wedding favours or souvenirs are thoughtful little items that couples give out to guests as a way of expressing their gratitude for celebrating their union with them. These can be as simple as refrigerator magnets or pictures taken from the photo booth to cute trinkets and food items.

Some couples take their wedding souvenirs seriously though and have elaborate ones made just for the occasion. If you are planning a wedding by now, here are some things to think about for your favours.

Consistent With Your Wedding Theme

No matter what kind of wedding favour you choose, you have to make sure that it matches your wedding theme and colours. It is a great idea always to bring with you your bridesmaid or entourage gown swatch to the craft or wedding favours store you are shopping at. This will ensure that whatever kind of bow, custom packaging design or ribbon you will be picking will certainly match the rest of the decor.

Multi-Functional Favours

When you have a wedding on a budget, you want to make sure you spend less, and you want your wedding favours to work as your escort card as well. You can use lollipops, bells or whatnot to tag the name of your guests and the seating arrangements. These will not only inform your guests where to sit but also work as a perfect keepsake for the wedding.

One Giveaway for Couples or Families

You can save on wedding favours if you make sure to allocate only one for each couple of family who attends. By doing this, you can choose more expensive items or souvenirs or even personalise the gifts. For example, you can have their surnames engraved or written on the souvenirs. You can create separate ones for members of the entourage or principal sponsors to make them feel more special.

Donation to a Worthy Cause or Charity

Conscientious couples have thought about skipping buying wedding favours and instead, use their money to donate to a worthy cause. It can be that the groom’s father died of cancer, so in honour of the parent who passed away, they would give to cancer charities. This is a perfect way to give back. You can create a card for each guest and let them know that you are giving to a charity and explain briefly why you have chosen to give back.

Wedding Favours After the Wedding

Wedding Favours

You need not clutter the guests’ tables with wedding favours. You can give out the souvenirs after the wedding as soon as the guests are preparing to leave the venue. You can ask the waiter or the usher to pass them out for the guests when they are all set to leave.

DIY Wedding Favours

If you are someone creative who would like to be hands on, then this is the perfect time to shine. You can create a small cake, cookie or a beautifully handcrafted giveaway. Your wedding favours will surely be a hit and be well loved, as the guests know for a fact that you added a personal touch on each one of them. Some great ideas are potted plants, DIY perfume you personally mixed and prepared, homemade fudge, brownies and more.

Wedding favours or souvenirs can take up a lot of time to plan and prepare, so enlist the help of your dear friends, family and bridesmaids. For sure, they will all be excited and be willing to help.

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