Weatherproof Your Home with These Quick Hacks

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Air ConditionWith the typical Australian temperate weather, fun and outdoor activities are almost synonymous. But, it also means making sure your home has the optimal environment is necessary, particularly when the dry season comes. Below, Conduct Air Conditioning shares a few quick and easy tips to make sure that your home is sufficiently prepared for any type of weather.

Check Your Home’s Heat and Air Conditioning System

Living in a temperate zone, it is a must to make sure your heat and air conditioning systems are working properly. Also, it is important that you change the filters in your system at least once every two months. Regularly check if your system is adequately releasing the heat or coolness that you want. If you find any problem and can’t figure out what to do, you should call for air conditioning service to see what needs to be done. Do these things at least a few weeks before the season changes.

Clean Your Roof and Gutters

Before the season changes, it is a good idea to completely clean your roof and gutters. Check for any weak spots on your roof, missing shingles, or for any signs of wearing out. Check if there are soft areas or if the gutters and vents are damaged. If there are any problems, do get a professional to work on them.

Weatherproof the Exterior of Your House

Make sure there are no rotting leaves or anything of that sort near the foundation of your home, especially if it is made from wood. Also, check if there are any broken windows or gaps in between them and your doors. This is where air can come in and disrupt the temperature inside of your home. You can use low-expansion spray foam insulation to fill in these gaps for a quick and efficient fix.

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