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Should You Remodel Your Kitchen or Not? Ask Yourself these Questions

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kitchen remodellingDo you want to remodel your kitchen, but still feeling a little undecided? Use the following guide from Serenity Kitchen and Bath to help you decide if you should go ahead with a kitchen remodeling project or not:

Is Your Kitchen Energy Efficient?

It is true that older appliance models are not as energy efficient as their newer counterparts. Major technological leaps in refrigerators, garbage disposals, and dishwashers will help you save a significant amount on your electric bills.

Does Your Kitchen Have Sufficient Space?

Check your floor, cabinet, and counter spaces to see if they still fit your requirements or if you need more space. Also, check if your appliances take too much space. When modifying your kitchen’s shape or redoing your countertops, take into account your required spaces needed for prep work, landing area, and storage.

Is Your Kitchen Universally Designed?

Implementing universal design strategies during your kitchen remodeling project will aid in making sure your kitchen is easily accessible to people of all ages, physical ability, and sizes.

How’s Your Kitchen’s Traffic Flow?

Are you the only one who cooks in your family or not? If not, consider adding extra space around your kitchen’s primary work areas. In addition, if you regularly entertain in your kitchen, you can consider going for a more open plan design. This will allow for more social interactions in your kitchen and other parts of the house.

Is Your Kitchen Safe for Kids?

Check if your kitchen design and older appliances are safe for your kids. Also, if you’re planning on having more kids, plan for more room. Make sure that the edges are rounded and that your microwave oven is installed three inches below your shoulder, but not over 54 inches from the floor to prevent accidents.

If you’re pushing through with your improvement project, make a list of all issues that you have plus the features you want to keep and change. This is important, so that when you meet with your designer, he or she will know precisely where to start and what to do.

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